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Mestia, August 15, 2022

Yes, the title is a bit easy, a bit "Morning" but so true. In Svanetia as in Georgia, the cow, the pig, the horse are kings. Here in Svanetia, breeding is based on a very simple system of a single pasture, open to all. To access it, after the morning milking, everyone lets his cows and oxen in the street, the animals decide to go where they want. The vegetable gardens are protected, as are the potato fields and the hay fields. The rest is self-service all day long, with dogs providing supervision. Cars, bicycles, pedestrians slalom, no accidents in 5 weeks of practice.

Bulls and oxen

It is in this region that we will meet the most bulls and oxen.

On the road to Ushguli, an ox with his ladies.

The oxen, we will understand it by traversing the villages of altitude are essential to replace the tractors. In view of the slopes and the narrowness of the roads, all the crops, wood and hay are transported on hardwood sledges (pear/apple tree) which slide along the pebbled or snowy paths. We had a demonstration of this in the village of Ieli behind Mesti, the scene was so beautiful and authentic, that we did not dare to take out our cameras.

a sledge used all year round to transport via oxen, the harvest of cereals and wood.

Gentle, slow, powerful, used to humans, you can pet them without getting skewered, they do a wonderful discreet job, the sleds slide down the steep paths, it's an incredible feeling in 2022. Come on, we are pleased to present you our best encounters with these peaceful beasts!

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