Evora Cathedral

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It can be seen from 30km around, located on the top of the hill of the city of Evora, it is the largest religious building in Portugal, built around 1300, in early Gothic style.

What we liked about this building was the timelessness of the massive granite exterior (except for the core, which is covered in local marble). The roofs, designed to protect the building and collect rainwater, are magnificent and all accessible because they are designed as terraces that can be accessed by narrow spiral staircases.

The 360° view is sublime and demonstrates a relatively controlled urbanism with a uniformity of roofs that allow the city to retain its character while being overrun by unavoidable suburbs and industrial areas.

On the garden side, the cloister allows you to internalise your thoughts as you walk around the garden irrigated by the well and the water collected from the terraces. The play of light and shadow gives a feeling of well-being, it is a magical place.

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