Akhaltsikhe - the castle symbol

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Akhaltsikhe, July 22, 2022

What a nice surprise, a planned stop in a city chosen for its location on our road to Tbilisi, after a difficult descent from the botanical garden of Goderdzi(Read our brief). Strange resemblance with the castles of Sion which are cut out on the rocky edges of the bottom of the valley, the castle of Akhaltsikhe imposes itself to the glances of whoever ventures in the region. Object of multiple covetousnesses according to the Ottoman invasions, and other lordships acting on behalf of kingdoms or religions, the visitor discovers today inside the walls completely rebuilt by the Georgian government these last years, an incredible set, mixing Roman church then Orthodox, mosque, and various buildings erected these last 10 years, aiming at presenting to the visitor the confessional balance of the country. At the limit of the Disney atmosphere, the castle presents us various aspects of the Georgian culture, brilliant (Medresa Koranic School), confidential (the room of the secret conversations, sordid (the prisons for the abduction of young noble children - it is necessary to live!

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